This transformational, thought-provoking programme enables practitioners to get to grips and see, hear and feel the challenges facing themselves and their students in 21st century learning, in order to realise their full potential.

The jobs that many of our students will do haven’t even been created yet, so the question of ‘What are we preparing them for?’ is explored. Expert teachers require practical solutions based on the latest educational research findings, further enhanced by using a triple loop reflection model to gain new insights and creative solutions to make a real impact on their practice.

The programme is delivered by creating an interactive professional discussion base and modelling creative and risk taking strategies. Teachers will be introduced to the importance of moving outside of their comfort zone and into the stretch zone for true continuous improvement. Questioning out-dated beliefs on what 21st century students really need to increase impact of teaching on learning.

This element of the programme will prepare the Advanced Practitioner to assume specific responsibilities which could include one or more of the following:

  • mentoring colleagues
  • curriculum innovation and development
  • responsibility for new teaching staff
  • development of ILT in teaching and learning


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