The Management and Leadership programme which combines personalised, blended and social learning should ensure that trainees gain an understanding of leadership theory and styles and explore and discuss leadership issues within the changing context of Further Education including but not limited to direct recruitment at 14-16, changes to WBL, etc.

The programme should furnish trainees with:

  • approaches to horizon scanning and scenario planning.
  • the ability to review their provision using a range of tools and techniques.
  • the capacity to lead strategic thinking and implementation including the development of policy and strategy across the business and action planning for specific College departments e.g. teaching &learning, estates, HR, learning support, etc.

Trainees should be able to understand, reflect and develop their own business planning skills and leadership style, understand team dynamics and team building (so that they are better be able to foster the development of high-performing teams) and their personal impact within the organisation.

The Programme will develop each trainee’s capability to deal with complexity and deliver transformational change and improve their capacity to lead and manage in an increasingly dynamic environment.

The programme will be designed to ensure that trainees:

  • gain an appreciation of relevant developments within the sector and beyond.
  • reflect on their institution’s current practice and performance and future aspirations.
  • understand challenges to their organisation’s business model and opportunities for development.
  • identify, celebrate and network existing practice and committed practitioners.
  • have insights into how to communicate the strategy across the organisation and engage staff begin to develop action plans to implement sustainable improvements.
  • to enable cross-functional dialogue and sharing of best practice.
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