If you think you would like to teach in the FE sector, then your next question is probably “how do I get started?”

The good news is that training and qualifying to be an FE teacher might be a lot simpler than you think, both in entry requirements and in the qualifications available.

Although training and qualifications may change over time, the basic idea remains the same: to get high-quality teachers you need high-quality teacher education, qualifications and on-the-job training (known as continuing professional development, or CPD). Although you probably already have qualifications in your own area of work, you will find gaining a teaching qualification is an important part of becoming an excellent teacher.

Here at FE+, we don’t just give you the right skills to become a good teacher. We equip you with sector-leading training and support, to propel you into a rewarding career as an expert in teaching, learning technologies and leadership. You’ll be forging the way ahead as a key player in the future of Further Education.

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